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Anton Kreil's Private Life


Anton Kreil and his wife Meng Jiang. They now live in Singapore on Sentosa Island

Anton Kreil emigrated to Singapore in 2014. Did he turn his back on the UK? Well if history is anything to go by Kreil always seems to leave before things get tough and returns when things get better. Who knows? The UK certainly has not been a great place to live in the last 6-7 years. But we think other factors motivated him here. He is married to Meng Jiang his wife who is Chinese. Maybe this had something to do with his move? For her and her family? Kreil is wealthy and he is a trader so really, he can work from anywhere as long as he has a good internet connection. But also, we think his move was motivated because of the lifestyle Singapore has to offer. It is low taxation, hot and sunny every day, it’s near other great countries where Kreil can live in luxury as a wealthy global citizen.


With his type of money, he could move anywhere on the planet tomorrow and we are sure he feels very safe in the knowledge that he can do just that. If the move is motivated by lifestyle and for his wife, this again shows that Kreil is not necessarily motivated by money. His life objectives and goals are motivated by other important factors like being settled, being married, being close to family. 

The takeaways from this are simple:

Don’t be motivated by the money. Your goals and objectives must be motivated by other reasons - happiness and fulfilment. Be settled, get married, be close to family.   

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