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Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management 


Anton Kreil trading at night from his office in Singapore 


After the filming of the Million Dollar Traders show, Anton has mentioned in various interviews that he went travelling again before returning to London in January 2009 when the show was aired. He then moved back permanently. What does this say about the man? Well by deciding to stay put in London after being away for 19 months, it is clear that he thought it was worth staying.


Again, we are back to his good timing and his ability to predict the future not with certainty but with probabilistic clarity. The bottom of the financial markets during the Global Financial Crisis was in March 2009. If Kreil’s intention was to come back to the financial markets to get action he couldn’t have picked a better time. He picked the bottom!

Kreil was out of the public eye after the show was aired and didn’t do much until 2011 when he set up the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. But we do know he was trading with his own money in the period 2009-2011. He has mentioned this several times in interviews and videos online. He has also mentioned that the amount of people that contacted him after the Million Dollar Traders show to teach them how to trade financial markets exceeded 20,000 people and that it took him a year to respond to all of the messages.


As a multi-millionaire retired professional trader this shows a great attribute that we like about Anton in that he was actually genuinely interested in what people had to say about their problems of trading in financial markets. He was engaging with his fans and not only responding but helping them. He didn’t have to do this, but his curiosity clearly got the better of him and he recognized a pattern and a major issue: that retail trader normies don’t actually know anything about trading and they are losing money all the time doing it, and he wanted to do something about it. 

As Kreil has mentioned in quite a few interviews, he was really surprised about how little, people knew, but were willingly losing money constantly in financial markets. He took it upon himself to do a tour of the UK in 2011 to teach groups of people face to face, before subsequently setting up the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. Back then, the ITPM was small but Kreil has now built it into a fairly large company with over 700 retail traders globally and thousands of students. They manage around $150,000,000 US Dollars between them. He has taught a lot of normal people globally how to trade successfully. 


The three of us have done his online programs but not his mentoring programs, and we have to say they are excellent and over time we have all made money. We met through ITPM via the Alumni Network and we speak every week. This is one reason we have put this site together, because Kreil and the knowledge he has spread has really helped us. We are fascinated by his teachings, his style of trading and the attributes that have made him successful. He is a real role model to us. 


What attributes can we pinpoint here about Kreil and his ITPM venture? Well, he has shown a commitment here to help other people and clearly a willingness to try new things. Instead of just taking the easy paycheck and going back to the investment banks or even to work at a hedge fund, he chose to go it alone, trading his own money and teaching people how to trade. Over time he has really built up a successful impactful organization. All we can do here is catalogue this success and try to glean as much info as possible from his career and perhaps try to emulate it. 


  • Timing

  • Engaging with people and their problems

  • Commitment to helping people

  • Willingness to try new things

  • Recognizing a problem and utilizing his skills to help fix it


Anton Kreil giving a presentation in New York at an ITPM Conference

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