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Welcome to the Anton Kreil Biography fan site. Anton Kreil has become one of the best independent Financial Markets traders in the World with a Net Worth of around $30,000,000 (2019). Having completed a few of Anton Kreil’s online programs at the Institute of Trading & Portfolio Management, and having had success implementing the knowledge and skills that Kreil provided us over the last five years, we decided to get together and catalogue the key areas of Anton Kreil’s life that we believe have contributed to his success. By doing so we hope that we can learn from those aspects of Anton’s life and behaviour that have contributed to his success as a trader and use them to help us to continue to get better in our trading journey. We are sharing this work here to help other Retail Traders become successful in their pursuit of consistent profitability. 

We are three students of Anton Kreil and the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management who met through the ITPM network after taking Anton’s classes. We are also ITPM Traders who have done pretty well since joining ITPM in the last five years.

For us this website is an exercise and body of work to achieve three main aims:

  1. To understand the psychological make-up of a successful financial markets trader to better understand what makes them tick.

  2. By doing so to help us approach our trading in a similar way in order to maintain consistentprofitability.

  3. To document the results of our investigation and thoughts so traders globally can benefit from it.

Kreil’s Online programs are a wealth of information and they undoubtedly work. Three of us in the last five years have applied his teachings and successfully been achieving between 18% and 60% returns per year, trading U.S. Equities. However, our success on reflection left us still with some questions: 


How did Anton Kreil discover how to trade successfully? 


What experiences in Anton Kreil’s life have shaped his character and psychological make-up in order to help make him a trader that continues to make consistent profit, despite market conditions at any moment in time?


What makes him tick and motivates him to trade every day even though he is already wealthy?


Why did Kreil decide to share this knowledge with the World? 

The following biographical information was collected by the three of us from every available online resource that we could get our hands on, including some of the rare interviews that Anton has given about his past, documentaries that he has been involved in, TV shows, Articles, Tweets and various Social Media posts from the man himself throughout the years. We also managed to speak over the last few years with people inside his organization who are not very close to Anton but know enough about his professional and personal life, to shed some light on our goal to understand him better, his psychological make-up and his approach to trading. 


In essence our aim is to understand what makes a successful trader like Anton Kreil tick and to see if we can emulate those traits in order to produce better trading results. 


Simon, England

Christian, Denmark

Lucas, Norway

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